Job Specifications

Accounts Payable Clerk

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Analyst 

Administrative Director of Health Information

Administrative Director of Information Technology

Administrative Services Nursing Supervisor

Administrative Support Supervisor

Application Specialist

Assistant Chief Financial Officer

Assistant Controller

Assistant Director of Budget

Assistant Director of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

Associate CEO

Associate Therapist

Authorization Coordinator

Authorization Supervisor

Behavioral Health Coordinator

Behavioral Health Technician

Behavioral Health Technician Supervisor

Budget Analyst

Call Center Director

Call Center Lead

Call Center Representative

Care Coordinator

Care Coordination Program Supervisor

Care Coordination Program Caseworker 

Care Transition Supervisor

Caseworker I

Caseworker I Restorative Justice Clinic (RJC)

Caseworker I YES Waiver

Caseworker II

Caseworker II Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

CCP Lead Registered Nurse

CCP Registered Nurse

Centralized Registration Representative

Centralized Registration Supervisor

Certified Billing and Coding Specialist

Certified Billing and Coding Supervisor

Certified Nursing Assistant

Chief Clinical Officer

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Medical Officer of Addiction and Primary Care

Chief Medical Officer of Mental Health

Chief Nursing Officer

Chief of Clinical Services

Chief of Collaborative Care

Chief of Crisis and Emergency Services

Chief of Diversion

Chief of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities

Chief of Mental Health Operations

Chief of Quality Management

Chief of Revenue Cycle

Chief of Staff

Children and Adolescents Program Supervisor

Children's Mental Health System Navigator

Clinic Manager

Clinic Operations Manager

Clinical Applications Lead

Clinical Applications Manager 

Clinical Director of Crisis and Emergency Services

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Supervisor

Clinician and Officer Remote Evaluation (CORE) Therapist

Clinician and Officer Remote Evaluation (CORE) Caseworker

Community Educator

Community Health Worker SUD Therapist

Community Health Worker

Community Recovery Center Specialist

Community Recovery Center Therapist

Community Relations Coordinator

Community Support Associate

Computer Support Specialist

Consumer Safety and Clients Right Manager


Credentialing Specialist

Crisis Care Continuum Director

Crisis Counselor (CCP)

Crisis Hotline Specialist National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL)

Crisis Hotline Specialist

Crisis Intervention Team Office Coordinator

Crisis Intervention Outreach Coordinator

Crisis Intervention Team Specialist

Crisis Intervention Team Specialist School Based

Crisis Intervention Team Therapist

Crisis Specialist

Crisis Specialist Supervisor

Crisis Specialist- MCOT

Custodial Supervisor


Data Entry Operator

Database Administrator

Database Analyst

DayHab Associate

Director of Crisis Hotline & 911 Diversion Services

Direct Care Associate

Director of Addictions and Project Management

Director of Adult Behavioral Health

Director of Budget

Director of Care Transitions

Director of Communications

Director of Community Recovery Center

Director of Correctional Care

Director of Crisis Intervention Team

Director of CRIT

Director of Data Management

Director of Extended Observation Unit

Director of Facilities

Director of IDD Authority Services

Director of Nursing

Director of Planning and Development

Director of Policy and Governmental Affairs

Director of Quality Management

Director of Recovery and Community Integration

Director of Revenue Cycle

Disability Specialist

EOU Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Employee Health Coordinator

Evaluation Assistant

Executive Assistant - Fiscal Analyst

Executive Assistant

Family Affairs Coordinator

Family Nurse Practitioner

Family Partner

Fiscal Accountant

Fleet Supervisor

Forensic Liaison

Grounds Maintenance

Habilitation Coordinator

Human Resources Coordinator

Human Resources Director

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Specialist I - Datis E3 Maintenance, Salary Reporting, Basic Administrative Support

Human Resources Specialist I - EAP Recruitment Support, Social Media and Job Board Statistics

Human Resources Specialist I - Employee Onboarding

Human Resources Specialist II - Benefits Administration, Retirement & Credentialing

Human Resources II - Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Human Resources Specialist

IDD Crisis Specialist

IT Administrative Assistant

Intake Associate Therapist

Job Developer

Lead Computer Support Specialist

Lead Crisis Intervention Specialist

Lead Extended Observation Unit (EOU) Registered Nurse

Lead Reimbursement Specialist

Lead Therapist

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Lot Attendant

Maintenance Mechanic

Maintenance Supervisor 

Manager of Community Education

Manager of Support Services

Medicaid Specialist

Medical Assistant

Medical Director

Medical Records Clerk

Medical Records Supervisor

Medical Technician

Mental Health Peer Policy Fellow

MFP Behavior Specialist

MFP Coordinator

MHFA Outreach Worker

Mobile Crisis Outreach Team Program Manager

Multi Systemic Therapy (MST) Therapist

Network Communication Specialist

Nutritionist (Dietician)

Office Coordinator

Payroll Specialist

Partial Hospitalization Program & Intensive Outpatient Program (PHP/ IOP) Associate Therapist

Partial Hospitalization Program & Intensive Outpatient Program (PHP/ IOP) Therapist

Peer Support Specialist

Physician Assistant

Population Health Administrator

Prescriber APRN

Professional Development Consultant Mental Health

Program Coordinator of DayHab

Program Coordinator HCBS Providers

Program Director of Alternatives PHP

Program Director of AOT

Program Director of Crisis and Emergency Services

Program Director of Crisis Hotline & 911 Diversion Services

Program Director of Jail Services

Program Director of TCOOMMI

Program Manager of Alternatives Probation

Program Manager of Clinical Support Services

Program Manager of Clinician and Officer Remote Evaluation (CORE)

Program Manager of Court Services

Program Manager of Crisis and Emergency Services

Program Manager of Crisis Intervention Team

Program Manager of DayHab

Program Manager of Housing and Homeless Services

Program Manager of IDD Authority Services

Program Manager of IDD Community Support Services

Program Manager of IDD Crisis and Intervention Services

Program Manager of Jail Services

Program Manager of MST

Program Manager of Residential Care

Program Manager of Restorative Justice Clinic

Program Manager of School Based Crisis Intervention Team

Program Manager of START

Program Manager of Veterans Services

Program Supervisor of 16:22

Program Supervisor of ACT

Program Supervisor of IDD Non-Waiver Services
Residential Supervisor

School Based Crisis Intervention Team Therapist

School Based Family Partner