Director of Correctional Care

Director of Correctional Care

Job Code: DIR-125
Revision Date: August 18, 2022

Salary Range:
$34.75 - $56.84 Hourly
$2,779.62 - $4,547.15 Biweekly
$72,270 - $118,226.00 Annually

FLSA: Exempt


We are an agency committed to innovative behavioral health services in trauma-informed care that promote healing and recovery to instill a sense of empowerment and foster a lifelong sense of resilience.

General Description

Supervises, manages, and administers the administrative and professional overall operations and implementation of policies and procedures of Mental Health to include all related services as governed by contracts, standards, and respective funding stream requirements. Review, modifies and executes agency's policy and procedures regarding preparation, processing, and monitoring of County contracts for jail-based services. Supervises and manages clinical and administrative support staff, assigned to the Jail Mental Health Clinic (JMHC).

Director provides management of general operations of the program and program personnel. Is responsible for operational decisions involving clinical services and processes; program outcomes; organizational linkages with the jail. Provides training to the Sheriff's Department and other community stakeholders. Manages the productivity and quality of service provided.  Participation in the development and enhancement of the service provided in the jail. 

Duties and Responsibilities

The functions listed below are those that represent the majority of the time spent working in this position. Management may assign additional functions related to the type of work of the position as necessary.

  • Actively participates in senior level center-wide and divisional goal/objective setting. Coordinates two-way communications of plans and monitors reports outlining goal/objectives achievement.
  • Performs annual review of designated staff and services, policies and procedures, submitting to the Deputy Chief of Diversion (DCD) on any necessary policy changes.
  • Maintains divisional functions at compliance level with applicable standards originating from Center (Business, Records, and Personnel) and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Federal Level (HUD Standards), Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) and/or National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC).
  • Develops job descriptions and standards of performance for each supervisee.  Ensure that all employee performance standards are met.
  • Maintains and ensures confidentiality and privacy of division and consumers per Protected Health Information Standards and Federal Law.
  • Submits requested data and reports by the target date established in conjunction with contractual mandates.
  • Provides oversight in the design of unit services and training.
  • Responsible for the implementation and oversight on operations, budget, marketing, business, regulatory, clinical, and patient experience goals under their supervision.
  • Provide monitoring and oversight to all Quality Assurance measures.
  • Must be knowledgeable of accounting practices to include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Expenditures of their profit center.
  • Creation and annual updating of Processes and Procedures implemented for the JMHC and personnel.
  • Direct oversight of JMHC Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA), Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC), Caseworkers and Administrative Support staff.
  • Direct oversight and mentoring of the JMHC Manager
  • Attendance and participation in all identified meetings related to JMHC, El Paso County Health Department (EPCHD), and El Paso County Sheriff's Office (EPCSO).
  • Creation and updating of training modules for Jail Clinic staff.
  • Completion and oversight of required training for identified EPCSO staff and El Paso County Hospital District (EPCHD) staff, as identified through contractual mandates.
  • Review and oversight of daily programming in coordination with JMHC Manager
  • Review, creation and oversight of JMHC budget and financials
  • Direct oversight of contract management with EPCHD, in coordination with DCD division.
  • Must attend scheduled court appearances, as required.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

Requires a Master's degree in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling or a related subject supplemented by two (2) year of supervisory experience and two (2) years of experience in direct use of pragmatic (i.e., structural, strategic and functional) family therapies; individual therapy with children and adults using cognitive behavioral techniques; marital therapy using behaviorally-based approaches; behavioral therapy targeting school behavior and academic performance; implementation of interventions within or between systems in the consumers natural ecology that affect or influence the behavior of consumer (i.e., family, peer, work, school, and neighborhood) preferred.

Required Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of trauma-informed theories, principals, and practices (includes multi-faceted understanding of concepts such as community trauma, intergenerational and historical trauma, parallel processes, and universal precautions), preferred.

Physical Demands

Performs sedentary work that involves walking or standing some of the time and involves exerting up to 10 pounds of force on a regular and recurring basis or sustained keyboard operations.

Unavoidable Hazards (Work Environment)

  • Involves routine and frequent exposure to:
    • Bright/dim light; Dusts and pollen.
    • Extreme heat and/or cold; Wet or humid conditions.
    • Extreme noise levels, Animals/wildlife.
    • Vibration; Fumes and/or noxious odors.
    • Traffic; Moving machinery.
    • Electrical shock; Heights.
    • Radiation; Disease/pathogens.
    • Toxic/caustic chemicals; Explosives; Violence.
    • Other extreme hazards not listed above.

Special Certifications and Licenses

  • Requires Texas Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Texas LPC-S or LCSW Supervisor preferred.
  • Must be able to be credentialed as a Qualified Mental Health Practitioner Community Service (QMHP-CS) within the timeframe designated by EHN.
  • May be able to be considered as a Mental Health Administrator (e.g., MD, DO, PhD, PsyD, LCSW, LPC, MSN, MPH, MHA, FACHE, CCHP-MH) under the National Commission of Correctional Health Care accreditation standards.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid state Driver's License with an acceptable driving record.
  • Must be able to pass a TB, criminal background, and drug screen.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

Emergence Health Network is an Equal Opportunity Employer. ADA requires Emergence Health Network to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities. Prospective and current employees are encouraged to discuss ADA accommodations with management.

Other Job Characteristics

  • Staffing requirements, including criteria that staff have diverse disciplinary backgrounds, have necessary State required license and accreditation, and are culturally and linguistically trained to serve the needs of the clinic's patient population.
  • Credentialed, certified, and licensed professionals with adequate training in person-centered, family centered, trauma informed, culturally-competent and recovery-oriented care.
  • Must be able to wear a ballistic vest and flashlight when required.

Note: This Class Description does not constitute an employment agreement between the Emergence Health Network and an employee and is subject to change by the Emergence Health Network as its needs change.